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Too little information equals a lack of informed consent

All too often, doctors tell patients what treatment they're going to prescribe and treat the patient's role in the decision-making process as almost unimportant. Doctors will tell the patient the positive outcome they expect, and either gloss over the potential risks and alternative choices or skip that part of the discussion altogether.

How does the Nocebo Effect work?

The Nocebo Effect is the counter to the more often understood Placebo Effect. A placebo is typically a fake medication that is given out during tests. Those taking it are told that it's the real thing, and some of them see medical benefits, even though they're just taking sugar pills. This shows the true power of the human mind and how expectations can shape reality.

Electronic records can be important evidence of malpractice

Electronic health or medical records are increasingly replacing paper files in doctor's offices nationwide. Designed to streamline patient medical care, they include everything from your vital signs taken by the intake nurse on the day of your appointment to the results of the lab work that you had done a few days later on your doctor's orders.