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Nurses and doctors need to report workplace violence issues

Everyone deserves to feel safe and actually be safe while they're at work -- unfortunately, many nurses and doctors work in an environment that is anything but. Violence against employees in the health care sector is a virtual epidemic of its own.

Senate approves federal protections for state, municipal workers

The city of Boston, Massachusetts, has a wide array of employers, some public, and some in the private sector. Naturally, workers in both public and private sector occupations want their jobs to be as safe as possible. Employers should want that, too, for humanitarian reasons firstly, but also secondly, to avoid situations that result in workers' compensation claims.

Be informed about repetitive stress injuries

Residents of Boston, Massachusetts, work in an array of professional positions. Some of those residents wind up with physical problems that can be directly tracked to the work that they do. If those problems aren't in any measure the fault of a person's employer, the person should file a workers' compensation claim.

Put safety first on the job

Throughout Boston, Massachusetts, there are thousands of workers who deal with dangerous equipment. Some of the danger is from the heat generated by equipment. If something goes wrong with it, severe injuries and death can result, along with costly workers' compensation cases for employers. For that reason, workers wanting to avoid severe injuries and death and employers wanting to avoid workers' compensation cases should be aware of the dangers presented by heat-generating equipment.

Care facility allegedly left staff members open to assault

Boston, Massachusetts, has a wide array of care facilities. Those include facilities for both physical and psychiatric care. The management of each facility is responsible for the safety of both their patients and their staff. If they fail to ensure the safety of their staff, they may face workers' compensation claims or penalties from the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the federal agency that oversees workplace safety.

Death rate for workplace accidents highest for older workers

People of all ages work in Boston, Massachusetts. Some of them have workplace accidents. What some people may not know is that older workers have a higher accident death rate than younger workers do. This holds proportionately true even when there is a decrease in the overall incidence of workplace fatalities, according to .the Associated Press' review of federal statistics. When an older worker is hurt on the job, there may be cause for a workers' compensation claim.

Concrete construction accident kills worker

Throughout Boston, Massachusetts, construction projects are ubiquitous. These range from soaring skyscrapers to simple single-family homes. From time to time, the workers who toil each day on those construction projects suffer injuries, which may lead to workers' compensation claims.

3 Common Risks Many Construction Workers Face

Every year in Massachusetts, thousands of construction workers are injured. From breaking a bone to losing an appendage -- or worse -, the industry is one where the risk for injury and illness is high. And while there are employers who are actively trying to keep their workers safe through training and proper equipment, the simple truth is that accidents can and still do happen. Even the most highly skilled construction worker, working for a very safety-minded company, can still end up severely injured on the job.