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March 2011 Archives

Medical malpractice allegations pour from Massachusetts prisons

Medical malpractice and physician negligence impacts many Massachusetts residents every day. Although a medical malpractice incident can devastate a single patient's family and friends, the substandard medical care that many Massachusetts prisoners receive is a growing concern that impacts all Massachusetts taxpayers.

Noted bioethicist: many patients die from preventable medical errors

Noted bioethicist and lawyer Lori Andrews recently addressed medical malpractice issues in the inaugural Cathy Shine Lecture at Boston University's School of Public Health. Andrews said that the secret of the health care system was that many patients die from easily preventable medical errors.

Massachusetts General Hospital admits fault in overdose case

We mentioned in an earlier post that the family of a 76-year-old woman sued Massachusetts General Hospital after the woman died from an overdose of the blood-thinning medication Lepirudin. Massachusetts General Hospital has since admitted fault in the woman's death, the Revere Journal reports.

Study: Most Americans not protected from dangerous doctors

Although medical malpractice claims are common in the Boston area, Massachusetts is not among the 33 states cited by a recent study which found that most states do not adequately discipline potentially dangerous physicians.

Jaw surgeries may raise medical malpractice concerns

Jaw-replacement surgery can help Boston area residents who experience clicking or pain in their jaws find relief. Patients with injured or misaligned jaws could wear out the cartilage in the jaw and require a jaw replacement. Improper implantation of total jaw-replacements can result in more surgeries and serious implications.

Massachusetts General Hospital sued over fatal drug overdose

The family of a 76-year-old woman is suing doctors and nurses at Massachusetts General Hospital for administering a fatal overdose of a blood thinner to the woman. Family members allege that the woman died after a nurse administered a dose of the blood thinner Lepirudin that was 30 times too high.

Doctor and nurse practitioner accused of 6 overdose deaths

A former doctor and a nurse practitioner were indicted for allegedly over-prescribing medication to patients for a profit. The federal charges allege that the former Needham doctor prescribed unnecessary painkillers to his drug addicted patients in exchange for cash and insurance payments.

Traumatic brain injuries often go untreated

Traumatic brain injuries impact at least 1.7 million people in the country every year. Most people who suffer brain trauma received their injuries in crashes, strokes, falls, and sports accidents, among other things. Around 50,000 patients with brain trauma die every year, 230,000 are hospitalized, and almost 100,000 suffer with long-term disabilities, USA Today reports.

Harvard Medical professor likens anesthesia to a reversible coma

A professor of anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School recently spoke with the New York Times about the history and use of anesthesia in American hospitals. The professor said that anesthetics are potent drugs that allow for pain free surgery by putting patients in a "reversible coma."