After filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, your attorney must present your case to a panel consisting of a judge, a lawyer and a doctor, usually in the same field of medicine as the doctor you are suing.  Your attorney needs to have a report from a medical expert that contains the basis of his or her opinions regarding negligence.  If the report is lacking in any of the items the tribunal is looking for, and your attorney fails to convince this panel, your lawsuit will be dismissed unless a six-thousand dollar bond is posted, or you appeal the tribunal findings.  If you fail the appeal, your case will be dismissed and you then cannot post a bond.  Case closed.

A physician/attorney can best assist the expert in producing a convincing report in a timely manner.  Not only does this help pass the tribunal, but since the expert has to spend less time in review and preparation, his fee will be substantially less.  So, since you are eventually responsible to repay your attorney the expenses of your case, you save money.  Win, Win.