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May 2011 Archives

Mother receives $10.5 million in anesthesia negligence suit

Anesthesia is a helpful tool that Boston doctors use block the pain of surgery. Anesthesia can also be extremely dangerous and have devastating consequences when it is improperly applied. Anesthesia negligence can result in permanent injury, paralysis and death.

Medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Boston after detainee's death

Medical malpractice can impact any Boston resident regardless of age, social class or citizenship status. The daughter of a Dominican-born shuttle driver recently filed a lawsuit in Boston federal court against a county correctional facility and its infirmary alleging that medical negligence led to her father's death as he fought deportation.

Experts call for a ban on antipsychotic use for Boston elders

A Boston brain specialist is calling for an end to a practice that causes many wrongful deaths and personal injuries in area hospitals. The Boston Globe Reports that the senior neurologist at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center claims that hospitals endanger the lives of elderly patients by using an antipsychotic drug named Haldol.

Six ways to prevent wrong-site surgical malpractice

Last week we discussed the approximately 2,700 wrong-site or wrong-patient surgical malpractice incidents that occur in America every year. Although experts say that even the best doctors can make mistakes, CNN reports that there are six simple steps that patients in Boston and around the country can take to prevent wrong-site surgical malpractice.

Doctor: wrong-side surgical errors should never happen

In our previous post we discussed the case of a surgeon who operated on the wrong eye of a 4-year-old patient. Medical malpractice incidents such as the eye operation are serious and impact many patients every day in the Boston area and around the country.

Horrified parents learn that doctor operated on child's wrong eye

The parents of a 4-year-old boy with a wandering eye were horrified when they learned that the child's surgeon performed a surgical error and operated on the wrong eye. The surgery was supposed to weaken the muscle at the bottom of the boy's right eye because the muscle's strength was causing it wander. The surgeon completely operated on the wrong eye before realizing her mistake. She then quickly operated on the other eye without informing the parents first.

Mother wins $7 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

The mother of a disabled child won a $7 million settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit against four medical professionals at UMass Memorial Medical Center, The Boston Globe reports. The mother alleged that the professionals failed to offer her tests which would have led her to have an abortion instead of carrying her disabled child to term.

Active patient involvement may prevent medical malpractice

In our previous post we discussed the recent tragic death of a premature baby due to a medication error and a recent study which indicates that the vast majority of hospital errors are unreported.