Anesthesia is a helpful tool that Boston doctors use block the pain of surgery. Anesthesia can also be extremely dangerous and have devastating consequences when it is improperly applied. Anesthesia negligence can result in permanent injury, paralysis and death.

A 44-year-old mother-of-two recently won a medical malpractice claim that she filed after suffering permanent debilitating injuries from anesthesia negligence during a routine hernia surgery. Although the mother did not receive a fatal dose of anesthesia, she suffers permanent injuries and is cared for by her daughters.

The mother says that she suffers from memory loss and has a hard time walking and moving. “It feels like I’m walking on broken glass,” she said.

The anesthesia injury occurred when medical personnel used a medical device that was inappropriate for patients at risk for inhaling stomach contents into their lungs. The anesthesia threw the mother into a 26-day coma. The mother eventually recovered from the coma but spent almost an additional month in an intensive care and 45 more days undergoing rehabilitation.

The mother had to be fed using a feeding tube and a venous catheter, suffered a tracheotomy scar, psychological side effects, and nerve damage. The mother’s husband, who retired from the Navy, said that she was shocked but happy with the $10.5 million verdict.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help clients such as the mother obtain funds to cover medical costs after a malpractice incident. The settlement funds from a medical malpractice lawsuit also hold the negligent medical professionals accountable for their actions while providing closure for the injured patient and the patient’s family.

“I’m just happy to bring peace to this family,” the mother’s attorney said.

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