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June 2011 Archives

Light shed on medical malpractice in Boston clinics

In our previous post we discussed a new study from Weill Cornell Medical College which indicates that medical malpractice lawsuit payouts go to almost as many claims based on outpatient malpractice as hospital malpractice claims. The researchers looked at payouts from malpractice lawsuits listed in the National Practitioner Data Bank from 2005 and 2009 and found that there was only a slight drop in malpractice payments to patients injured in outpatient settings.

Study: medical malpractice also occurs in Boston doctors' offices

We have discussed medical malpractice errors in Boston hospitals in previous posts. Many Boston residents suffer severe personal injuries from medical mistakes in area hospitals every day. Medical mistakes such as surgical errors can permanently scar or disfigure a patient and cause emotional and economic harm to the patient's family.

Some experts disagree with the Medicaid malpractice payment rule

Next summer Medicaid is set to stop paying for treatment that is necessary due to medical malpractice mistakes. The director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said that the nonpayment of malpractice injuries by Medicare will encourage better patient outcomes.

Medicaid to stop paying for surgical errors for Boston patients

In our last post we discussed the Veterans' Administration's release of data tracking the amount of medical malpractice litigation that occurs against Boston's VA Medical Center. Some of the malpractice suits filed against the VA hospital are for relatively routine errors such as the failure to diagnose a medical condition.

VA releases medical malpractice statistics

Medical malpractice impacts Boston residents regardless of occupation or income level. Even veterans in the Boston area are injured from hospital negligence and recently released statistics from the Veterans' Administration reveal the extent of malpractice litigation against the local VA Medical Center.

Birth injury leads to $58 million malpractice award for family

Pregnancy and birth is an exciting and yet stressful time for Boston parents. Parents have many concerns about the health of the mother and child, but obstetrics negligence should not be among these concerns. The victims of OB/GYN malpractice are Boston children and their parents. Mistakes made during delivery can lead to severe lifetime injuries that take a huge financial and emotional toll on a family.

Why a surgeon can continue committing medical malpractice

In our previous post we discussed the case of one surgeon who moved to another state after allegedly killing two patients through surgical errors. The surgeon was able to relocate with a clean record despite medical board disciplinary action and continues to operate on patients unsupervised.

Surgeon still practices despite medical malpractice allegations

Surgical malpractice is something that many Boston area patients and people around the country fear. When a patient goes in for surgery, simple mistakes can result in lifelong disability or even wrongful death. Surgeons accused of malpractice are sometimes reprimanded by a medical board and can even lose their license in addition to facing personal injury lawsuits from patients' families.