Pregnancy and birth is an exciting and yet stressful time for Boston parents. Parents have many concerns about the health of the mother and child, but obstetrics negligence should not be among these concerns. The victims of OB/GYN malpractice are Boston children and their parents. Mistakes made during delivery can lead to severe lifetime injuries that take a huge financial and emotional toll on a family.

The parents of a 8-year-old boy were recently awarded a record-breaking $58 million medical malpractice verdict. The 8-year-old boy cannot walk, talk or eat due to his disabilities. The jurors determined that the boy’s severe injuries were preventable and caused by obstetrics negligence.

“He got his life taken away from him, and the only form of justice is this,” the boy’s father said.

The obstetrician says that the boy’s injuries were caused by an undetected pre-birth infection and that the boy’s mother was taken care of. The boy’s parents successfully argued in court however that the obstetrician failed to deliver the boy early despite serious complications. The parents also say that the eventual C-section surgery was botched and that oxygen was cut off to the boy’s brain, leading to his injuries.

Unfortunately the obstetrician has vowed to appeal the verdict so it may take years for the parents to see any of the award. The boy’s mounting medical bills have forced the parents into foreclosure and the family doesn’t know whether they can remain in their home. The parents remain optimistic however and note that the award will provide for their son in the future.

“The dollar amount means he will be taken care of, that’s what this means to us,” the mother said.

Source: ABC News, “Family awarded $58M in malpractice suit,” Jen Maxfield, 5/26/11