We have discussed many serious surgical errors in previous posts. Surgical errors frequently cause Boston residents to suffer lifelong health problems and even wrongful deaths. In our previous post we discussed the ways that doctors are attempting to prevent wrong-side surgery mistakes. We have also discussed issues that some patients have when unscrupulous doctors dodge state medical boards and continue practicing besides records of harming patients.

One woman recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after being operated on by a surgeon who failed to inform her that a state medical board was investigating him for malpractice mistakes that killed two patients. The woman went to the doctor after responding to a radio spot for 1-800-GET-THIN and the doctor botched her lap-band surgery requiring her to have a second surgery to remove the band.

The woman says that the band slipped and damaged her stomach when it cut into her stomach wall. The woman says that the damage to her stomach wall was permanent and partially due to the doctor’s misdiagnosis of her symptoms as “reflux” and his refusal to perform an endoscopy to check the condition and location of the lap-band.

Allegations in the lawsuit also attack the doctor’s method of advertising on radio, print and TV. The woman alleges that the doctor dominated the market for lap-band surgery by using several aliases and straw-businesses. The woman said that the advertisements were devoid of meaningful warnings regarding the surgery.

The woman seeks damages for medical practice and fraud, among other things.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Medical Complaint Is Catalogue of Horrors,” Jamie Ross, 6/6/11