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August 2011 Archives

Woman wins $1 million verdict in birth injury case

Birth defects are usually serious situations that are costly and emotionally difficult for Boston area families to deal with. Many birth injuries are avoidable and the result of diagnosable and treatable conditions. Equally as serious are the medical mistakes that lead to the death of a child. Many stillborns could have been saved if medical professionals had listened to a mother's complaints and given her the proper prenatal care.

Massachusetts medical board reacts to malpractice allegations

Medical malpractice can take many forms ranging from a surgical error to reckless physician conduct. We have covered many irresponsible doctors on this blog, including doctors who escape medical malpractice claims by moving to other states and doctors who continue to operate on patients despite the high number of mysterious patient deaths that result from their practice of medicine.

Harvard study breaks down varying medical malpractice award amounts

In our last post we discussed a new Harvard study into the number of medical malpractice lawsuits faced by doctors in Boston and around the country. The study found that most physicians will be sued for surgical errors or some other type of medical negligence during the course of their careers.

Most Boston doctors will face a medical malpractice lawsuit during career

Even the best Boston doctors can make serious mistakes that lead to the injury or death of a patient. Many patients are becoming increasingly aware of their rights and file medical malpractice suits to hold physicians accountable for medical negligence such as surgical errors. A recent study released this week in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that most doctors will be involved in medical malpractice litigation during their careers. Approximately a fifth of the medical malpractice lawsuits filed yield damage awards.

Malpractice concerns rise at Massachusetts plastic surgery clinic

The death of a Framingham woman has left a community wondering whether her death was the result of a surgical error at a local plastic surgery clinic. It is unclear whether the 39-year-old mother died from a breast implant surgery or a post surgery fall.

Boston hospital has one of the worst readmission rates in the U.S.

There are many contributing factors that determine whether a patient will be readmitted to a Boston hospital. Although the patient's particular medical situation is one of the most crucial factors in a patient's readmission, other factors such as medical malpractice can also impact readmissions. There are studies which indicate that readmissions and increased hospital times may impact the likelihood that a patient will be a victim of medical negligence so readmission is not desirable for many patients.

Doctor sued for failing to diagnose cancer

Cancer misdiagnosis is a serious problem because early detection is a key component for many cancer treatment plans. The early warning signs of cancer are widely known to many medical professionals and are publicized by organizations such as the American Cancer Society. The early detection of cancer usually improves the chances that it will be cured and doctors who fail to diagnose cancer may sentence their patients to death from what would otherwise be a curable cancer.

Criminal charges proceed against nose doctor accused of malpractice

Although some medical malpractice and failure to diagnose incidents are accidents, there are some unscrupulous doctors who will risk patient safety in order to make money. One doctor could face 200 years in jail for medical malpractice and health care fraud charges. Authorities say that the Indiana-based doctor billed for at least 53 nose surgeries that he never performed.