There are many concerns that Boston residents have while considering elective surgery such as tummy tucks and liposuction. Medical malpractice can occur during any surgery, but family members are especially burdened by the guilt that may arise if a loved one is seriously hurt or killed in an optional surgery. In a previous post we discussed the death of a Framingham woman who may have died as a result of a breast implant surgery and complaints that other patients of the clinic had. Unfortunately incidents such as this are not uncommon and many women and men die every year after cosmetic surgery.

One woman recently died after she went to a plastic surgery clinic for a liposuction procedure touted as minimally invasive. The woman’s husband came home the day after her surgery to find the 32-year-old woman dead on the family couch. She left behind six children under the age of 15. The woman had died from an overdose of a painkiller associated with complications from the surgery.

The husband was horrified to learn that the doctor who performed his wife’s surgery was not certified in any medical specialty despite trademarking a liposuction technique and flying around the country and teaching the technique to other non-plastic-surgeons.

Another plastic surgeon said that the amount of painkiller in the woman’s body demonstrated “a basic misunderstanding of the principles of pharmacology and patient safety.” The plastic surgeon also added that the physician’s conduct was “outrageous.”

In our next post we will discuss the growing number of inexperienced plastic surgeons and the tragic consequences that can result from visiting a non-certified plastic surgeon.

Source: USA Today, “Lack of training can be deadly in cosmetic surgery,” Jayne O’Donnell, Sept. 16, 2011