We have discussed many cases of hospital negligence in previous posts. Hospital negligence covers a broad array of medical malpractice including anesthesia negligence, failure to diagnose treatable illnesses, emergency room errors, and surgical errors.

One recent surgical error has spawned a medical malpractice suit from a couple who says that a hospital transplanted the woman’s hepatitis C infected kidney into her boyfriend’s body. The boyfriend needed a kidney because he has diabetes related kidney disease. The woman wanted to save her boyfriend’s life but she is horrified that she may have given him a possibly fatal liver disease.

“He did need it very badly,” the woman said. “The dialysis was not working well for him. He was not doing well. I just wanted to do whatever I could to help.”

The couple is suing the hospital, physicians and several other medical employees for failing to notice the results of a blood test which indicated that the woman had hepatitis C. The woman said that she was humiliated by the hospital staff who allegedly suggested that she was unfaithful to her partner of 21 years and father of her 18-year-old son. Hospital workers allegedly also accused the woman of using cocaine and then offered her the option of hiding the hepatitis C diagnosis from her partner.

The woman refused to hide this potentially deadly disease from her boyfriend. She says that the anti-rejection drugs will make the hepatitis situation more dangerous for him and that he may suffer from organ failure in the future. She also noted that despite humiliating her and obviously botching the surgery, the hospital has never expressed any remorse for its mistake.

“They never actually did come out and say they made a mistake,” she said. “They gave an apology but they never said they messed up.”

Source: MSNBC, “Couple sues hospital after he gets her infected kidney,” JoNel Aleccia, Sept. 21, 2011