It is very important for pharmacies to not negligently give an individual the incorrect medication when filling a prescription. This type of prescription error can cause a great deal of harm.

Recently, a case has arisen in Illinois involving an alleged prescription error.

The case involves a woman who reportedly went to a pharmacy on Sept. 30, 2009 to get a prescription filled for her son. The prescription reportedly was for an anti-depressant called Trazodone. The woman claims that the pharmacy did not give her this medication, but instead mistakenly gave her a pain medication called Tramadol. The woman claims that this alleged mistake occurred because of negligence on the part of the pharmacy.

According to the woman, almost a month passed before she and her son discovered the alleged mistake.

The woman claims that the alleged mistake by the pharmacy caused her son to experience many things including: mood changes, nausea, vomiting, depression, sleep deprivation, pain and anguish.

A lawsuit has been brought in Illinois by the woman against the pharmacy in connection to these allegations. It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens in this case.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, prescription errors can be very harmful. Thus, one hopes that pharmacies make sure to not commit negligence which could cause such errors to occur. One also hopes pharmacies are held accountable when they negligently give an individual the wrong medication when filling a prescription and such negligence results in an individual suffering harm.

Source: The Madison/St. Clair Record, “Pharmacy dispensed pain med instead of anti-depressant, suit claims,” Kelly Holleran, Oct. 11, 2011