A misdiagnosis can have significant impacts on a patient. For example, a misdiagnosis can sometimes lead to a patient undergoing an unnecessary surgery. Being exposed to an unnecessary surgery can cause a patient to suffer a variety of harms. Thus, it is very important for hospitals and medical professionals to not commit negligence that could lead to a patient being misdiagnosed.

Recently, a case has arisen involving an alleged misdiagnosis and allegations of negligence. The case involves a now-deceased man who reportedly received care from a hospital in Illinois.

The man allegedly was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It has been alleged that this diagnosis was incorrect. It has also been alleged that this alleged misdiagnosis was reached after a mix-up occurred at the hospital regarding the man’s biopsy results.

The man’s daughter, who is from Nevada, claims that the alleged misdiagnosis led to the man undergoing an unnecessary surgery. According to the man’s daughter, the man experienced a variety of complications from the alleged unnecessary surgery, such as impotence and incontinence, and these complications led to the man facing depression. The man’s daughter claims that the man committed suicide as a result of this depression.

The man’s daughter has brought a malpractice lawsuit in a federal court in connection to these allegations.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, great harm can be caused when a hospital or medical professional commits negligence which results in a patient getting misdiagnosed. Thus, one hopes that hospitals and medical professionals make sure to not commit negligence in connection to the examination, testing and diagnosing of patients.

Source: TribLocal, Lawsuit claims unnecessary prostate surgery led to Glen Ellyn man’s suicide,” Michelle Manchir, Oct. 14, 2011