It is very important for hospitals and medical professionals to not act negligently when it comes to giving patients medications. Medication-related negligence by hospitals and/or medical professionals can result in medication errors occurring. Medication errors can cause patients to suffer a great deal of harm. Tragically, medication errors can sometimes even result in a patient’s death.

Recently, a wrongful death case involving an alleged medication error has arisen in Florida. The case involves an elderly man who reportedly received care at a hospital in Florida.

The man’s family claims that a nurse at the hospital committed a medication error in regards to the man. Specifically, the man’s family claims that the nurse gave the man the wrong medication. According to the man’s family, this alleged medication error caused the man to suffer respiratory arrest and ultimately resulted in the man dying.

According to the WSVN article which reported this story, the man’s family has brought a lawsuit in connection to these allegations. The article did not mention what specific relief the man’s family is seeking in its lawsuit. One wonders what will happen in this case and how it will ultimately be resolved.

As this case illustrates, medication errors can be extremely harmful. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals and hospitals make sure to avoid committing negligence which could result in medication errors occurring. One also hopes that medical professionals and hospitals are held accountable when they commit medication-related negligence and such negligence results in a patient getting hurt and/or a patient dying.

Source: WSVN, “Family sues after loved one dies from medication,” Nov. 16, 2011