It is very important for medical professionals and hospitals to act properly when providing surgical care to patients. If a medical professional or hospital acts negligently in connection to a surgery, it can result in harmful surgical errors occurring. For example, such negligence can sometimes result in a surgical object being mistakenly left behind in a patient. Such a surgical error can have a variety of negative impacts on a patient, such as exposing a patient to having to undergo additional surgeries.

Recently, a state agency in California issued a fine to a hospital in California in connection to an alleged left-behind object incident.

Reportedly, a woman underwent a surgical procedure at the hospital in October of 2010. According to the above-mentioned California state agency, the hospital committed errors in connection to this surgery which resulted in a surgical pin mistakenly being left inside the woman’s cervical spine. The woman reportedly had to undergo a second surgery in order to have this alleged left-behind object removed.

As we mentioned above, the state agency recently issued a monetary fine against the hospital in connection to this incident. According to the KGTV article which reported this story, the hospital was fined $100,000.

As the allegations in this matter underscore, surgical errors (such as mistakenly leaving an object behind in a patient) can cause patients to suffer harm. Thus, one hopes that all hospitals and medical professionals, when providing care in connection to a surgery, make sure to not commit negligent actions which could expose patients to such errors.

Source: KGTV, “Scripps Memorial Fined $100K By State,” Dec. 8, 2011