Surgical errors can result in patients suffering harm. For example, a surgical error can sometimes lead to a patient having to undergo additional surgical procedures. Thus, one hopes that all hospitals and medical professionals make sure to not commit negligence which could cause surgical errors to occur when providing surgical care to patients. No patient should have to suffer harm because a hospital or medical professional negligently committed a surgical error.

Recently, an MLB player has claimed that an error occurred during a surgical procedure he underwent. The player in question is Bobby Jenks. Jenks is a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

Reportedly, in December of 2011, Jenks underwent a spinal decompression surgery. According to the article which reported this story, the surgery was aimed at correcting a back condition. The surgery was reportedly performed at a hospital in Massachusetts.

According to the article mentioned above, Jenks has claimed that an error occurred during this surgery. Reportedly, Jenks has further claimed that the error led to him suffering an infection and having to undergo an emergency surgery. This emergency surgery reportedly occurred a couple of weeks after the initial surgery.

Reportedly, it is not yet known whether or not a lawsuit will be brought in connection to this matter. It will be interesting to see if a lawsuit does eventually end up being brought. It will also be interesting to see, if such a lawsuit is brought, how it progresses and how it is ultimately resolved.

Source:, “Jenks: Error was made in surgery,” Peter Abraham, Feb. 24, 2012