Birth injuries can be very impactful on a child’s life. Such injuries can be the result of many different things. One thing that can sometimes lead to a child suffering birth injuries is a medical professional or hospital acting negligently while providing care in connection to a child’s birth. No child should have to suffer birth injuries because a medical professional or hospital committed negligence.

Recently, a birth injury case has arisen in Kansas. The case involves a child who was born in March of 2010. Reportedly, the child was born at a hospital in Kansas.

The child’s parents claim that the nursing staff of the hospital and two doctors failed to act properly while providing care in connection the child’s birth. According to the child’s parents, this alleged negligence resulted in the child suffering brain injuries and damage to his central nervous system.

According to the Morning Sun article which reported this story, the child’s parents have brought a medical malpractice lawsuit against several nurses, the above-mentioned two doctors and the above-mentioned hospital in connection to these allegations. In this lawsuit, the child’s parents reportedly are asking for damages. One wonders what will happen in this medical malpractice case and how it will be resolved.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, great harm can be caused when medical professionals or hospitals provide negligent care in connection to a child’s birth. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals and hospitals are held accountable when they commit negligence like that alleged in this case. One also hopes that all medical professionals and hospitals make sure to not engage in negligent conduct which could lead to a child suffering birth injuries.

Source: Morning Sun, “Medical malpractice suit filed against two physicians, hospital,” Eric Swanson, Mar. 10, 2012