It is very important for medical professionals and hospitals to act properly when providing care to patients. This includes making sure to not commit negligence when it comes to diagnosing a patient. Diagnosis-related negligence can be extremely harmful. Tragically, such negligence can sometimes even have fatal results. No patient should have to lose his or her life because a medical professional or hospital acted negligently.

Recently, a case has arisen in Ohio that involves allegations of diagnosis-related negligence. The case involves a man who died in 2009. The man’s wife claims that the man died of the H1N1 flu.

Reportedly, prior to his death, the man received care at two hospitals in Ohio. The man’s wife alleges that the man was negligently misdiagnosed and wrongfully discharged at one of these hospitals and that negligence also occurred in connection to care the man received at the other hospital.

According to the article on WBNS’s website which reported this story, the man’s wife has brought a lawsuit in connection to the above allegations. Reportedly, this lawsuit names multiple medical professionals and the above-mentioned two hospitals as defendants. The WBNS article mentioned above did not mention what specific relief the man’s wife is seeking in this lawsuit.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, great harm can be caused when medical professionals and hospitals act negligently in connection to the care of patients. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals and hospitals make sure to avoid committing negligence like that alleged in this case.

Source: WBNS, “Family Sues Hospital After They Say Man Dies Of H1N1 Flu,” March 20, 2012