Prescription errors can be a very harmful type of medication error. Thus, it is very important for pharmacies and pharmacists to make sure to not engage in negligence which could cause such errors to occur. No individual should have to suffer harm because a pharmacist or pharmacy acted negligently when it came to filling a prescription.

Recently, a case has arisen in Louisiana involving an alleged prescription error. The case involves a pharmacy in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Reportedly, one day, a man went to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled. The man alleges that negligence occurred in regards to the filling of this prescription. Specifically, the man claims that the pharmacy did not give him the medication he was prescribed, but instead mistakenly gave him a medication that was intended for a different customer.

According to the man, he took this incorrect medication. The man claims that taking this wrong medication caused him a variety of harms including:

  • Medical problems
  • Pain
  • Weight gain
  • Mental distress
  • Reduced life expectancy

A lawsuit has been brought by the man in a court in Louisiana against a pharmacist and the above-mentioned pharmacy in connection to these allegations. The man reportedly is asking for damages in this lawsuit.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, prescription errors can cause great harm to individuals. Thus, one hopes that all pharmacies and pharmacists make sure to act properly when filling prescriptions for individuals and to avoid engaging in conduct which could cause prescription errors to occur.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Walgreens sued for allegedly giving man wrong prescription,” Kyle Barnett, Mar. 8, 2012