A patient can suffer great harm when a medical professional acts negligently while providing care in connection to a surgical procedure. Sadly, such medical negligence can sometimes even lead to a patient’s death.

Recently, a trial began in a case from North Carolina involving allegations of medical negligence and wrongful death. The case involves a woman who reportedly underwent a cesarean section in 2006. The woman reportedly bled to death after having undergone this procedure.

The woman’s family alleges that a doctor who provided the woman with care in connection to this surgical procedure acted negligently while giving care to the woman. Specifically, the woman’s family claims that the doctor negligently failed to suture an artery in the woman’s uterus. According to the woman’s family, this alleged negligence led to the woman’s death.

The woman’s family brought a wrongful death lawsuit in a court in North Carolina against the doctor in connection to these allegations. According to the article on the Jacksonville Daily News’ website which reported this story, a trial is currently underway in regards to this matter. One wonders what will ultimately happen in this case.

No patient should have to be exposed to medical negligence like that alleged in this case. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals make sure to act properly when providing care in connection to a surgery. One also hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they commit medical negligence and such negligence results in a patient getting hurt or a patient dying.

Source: Jacksonville Daily News, “Wrongful death trial begins,” Lindell Kay, Mar. 14, 2012