Prescription-related negligence by doctors can result in patients suffering impactful injuries. Thus, it is very important for doctors to not act negligently when it comes to prescribing medications to patients.

Recently, a jury in Maine reached its verdict in a medical malpractice case which involved allegations of prescription-related negligence. The case involved a woman who received care from a doctor in 2006. During the course of this care, the doctor reportedly prescribed the woman methadone.

The woman claimed that the doctor committed negligence in regards to this prescription. Specifically, the woman alleged that the doctor negligently prescribed her too high of a dose of this drug.

According to the woman, this alleged negligence led to her suffering breathing problems one night in her sleep. The woman alleged that these breathing problems caused her to suffer a brain injury.

The woman brought a medical malpractice lawsuit in Maine against the doctor in connection to these allegations. A trial was held in regards to this matter and the jury recently reached its decision. According to the Bangor Daily News article which reported this story, the jury ruled in favor of the woman and awarded her a large monetary judgment.

No patient should have to suffer harm because a doctor committed prescription-related negligence. Thus, one hopes that doctors are held accountable when they commit negligence like that which was alleged in this recently decided case. One also hopes that all doctors make sure to act properly when it comes to the prescribing of medications to patients.

Source: Bangor Daily News, “Jury awards Corinth woman $1.9M in methadone malpractice suit,” Andrew Neff, April 12, 2012