When a medical professional provides a patient with negligent care after a surgery, it can result in the patient suffering great harm. No patient should have to suffer harm because a medical professional acted negligently. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals make sure to not commit negligence when it comes to providing care to patients after a surgery.

Recently, a case involving allegations of the above-mentioned type of negligence has arisen in West Virginia. The case involves a man who reportedly underwent a surgery at a hospital in West Virginia in January 2010. The surgery reportedly involved the insertion of several surgical screws.

The man alleges that the hospital and the doctor who performed this surgery acted negligently towards him after the surgery. Specifically, the man claims that the hospital and the doctor ignored complaints he had of pain after the surgery and failed to take proper steps to investigate what was causing this pain until about a week after he complained about the pain. Reportedly, it was eventually discovered that the above-mentioned surgical screws had cracked the bone they were in and had gone into a nerve.

The man claims that the alleged failure to investigate the cause of the above-mentioned pain in a timely manner caused him to suffer a variety of harms.

A lawsuit has been brought in a court in West Virginia by the man and his wife in connection to these allegations. In this lawsuit, the above-mentioned doctor and the above-mentioned hospital have been named as defendants. The man and his wife reportedly are asking for damages in this lawsuit.

As this case underscores, patients can suffer great harm when a medical professional provides them with negligent care after a surgery. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they commit negligence like that alleged in this case.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Putnam couple sues St. Mary’s, doctor for negligence,” Kyla Asbury, April 2, 2012