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Woman brings birth injury lawsuit

| Apr 2, 2012 | Birth Injuries

Infants can suffer serious birth injuries when medical professionals and/or medical facilities act negligently while providing care in connection to a child birth. Birth injuries can have significant impacts on an infant’s life. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals and medical facilities to act properly when providing care in connection to the delivery of a child.

Recently, a birth injury case has arisen in West Virginia. The case involves a woman who gave birth to a child in August 2011. Reportedly, a health center in West Virginia provided care in connection to the delivery of the woman’s child.

The woman alleges that the health center provided negligent care during the delivery of her child. The woman further claims that this alleged negligent care resulted in her child suffering serious neurological damage. According to the woman, the neurological damage her child suffered is permanent.

A lawsuit has been brought by the woman in a court in West Virginia against the health center in connection to these allegations. Reportedly the woman is asking for damages in this lawsuit.

No infant should have to suffer birth injuries because a medical professional and/or medical facility acted negligently during his or her delivery. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals and medical facilities make sure to avoid committing negligence like that alleged in this case. One also hopes that medical professionals and medical facilities are held accountable when they fail to act properly during a delivery and such negligence results in an infant suffering birth injuries.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Hurricane woman says health center was negligent during childbirth,” Kyla Asbury, March 27, 2012


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