It is very important for pharmacies and pharmacists to make sure to act properly when it comes to the filling of prescriptions. When pharmacists or pharmacies act negligently in connection to the filling of prescriptions, it can result in prescription errors, such as dosage errors, occurring. Such errors can be very harmful.

Recently, a case has arisen involving an alleged prescription error. The case involves a woman who went to a pharmacy in Florida to get a prescription filled. The prescription the woman went to get filled was for a medication called Liothyronine. This is a drug for thyroid conditions.

The woman alleges that prescription-related negligence occurred in relation to the filling of her prescription. Specifically, the woman claims that the pharmacy mistakenly gave her 50-microgram pills of Liothyronine instead of the 5-microgram pills that she was supposed to be given.

A lawsuit has been brought in a court in Florida by the woman against the pharmacy in connection to this alleged prescription dosage error. According to the Palm Beach Post article which reported this story, the woman is asking for damages in this lawsuit. One wonders what will happen in this case and how it will ultimately be resolved.

Prescription errors like the one alleged in the above-mentioned case can cause individuals to suffer substantial harm. Thus, one hopes that all pharmacies and pharmacists make sure to not commit negligence in connection to the filling of prescriptions. No individual should have to suffer harm because a pharmacy or pharmacist failed to act properly.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Boca woman suing Walgreens over alleged prescription gaffe,” Jane Musgrave, May 24, 2012