A patient can suffer great harm when a medical professional or hospital commits negligence which results in a delay in him or her being correctly diagnosed and treated. No patient should have to be subjected to such negligence. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals and hospitals to act properly when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Recently, a case from California involving the above-mentioned type of medical negligence has been settled. The case involved a woman who received care at a hospital in California.

The woman claimed that medical negligence occurred during the course of this care. Specifically, the woman alleged that the hospital and certain medical professionals negligently failed to diagnose a condition she suffered from in a timely manner and, consequently, failed to treat this condition in a timely manner.

The woman claimed that this alleged negligence caused her to suffer a variety of significant harms.

A lawsuit was brought in California by the woman against the above-mentioned hospital and the above-mentioned medical professionals in connection to these allegations. As we mentioned above, a settlement was recently reached in regards to this lawsuit. Reportedly, as part of this settlement, the woman will receive a monetary payment.

As the allegations that were made in this recently settled medical malpractice case underscore, diagnosis/treatment-related negligence by medical professionals and hospitals can be very harmful. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals and hospitals make sure to avoid committing such negligence. No patient should have to suffer harm because a medical professional or hospital acted negligently.

Source: Calaveras Enterprise, “Hospital, CHW settle $3.5 million malpractice case,” Joel Metzger, May 4, 2012