Diagnosis-related negligence can be very harmful to patients. Sadly, such negligence can sometimes even result in a patient’s death. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals to act properly when it comes to the testing and diagnosing of patients. No patient should have to suffer harm or lose his or her life because a medical professional acted negligently in connection to his or her care.

Recently, in West Virginia, a wrongful death case has arisen involving allegations of diagnosis-related negligence. The case involves a now-deceased woman who reportedly received care from a doctor in 2010.

The woman’s husband alleges that the doctor acted negligently in connection to the testing and diagnosing of the woman during the course of providing this care. According to the woman’s husband, this alleged negligence resulted in the woman not being given a correct diagnosis. The woman’s husband claims that this in turn caused the woman to suffer harms (such as amputations) and, ultimately, to die. The woman reportedly died on July 28, 2010.

The woman’s husband has brought a lawsuit in a court in West Virginia against the above-mentioned doctor in connection to these allegations. Reportedly, compensatory damages are being sought in this lawsuit.

As the allegations in this case underscore, diagnosis-related negligence can cause a great deal of harm. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals make sure to avoid committing negligence like that alleged in this case. One also hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they act negligently in connection to the testing and diagnosing of patients and such negligence results in a patient getting hurt and/or dying.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Wyoming County man sues physician for wife’s death,” Kyla Asbury, June 19, 2012