Patients can suffer great harm when medical professionals commit negligence during the course of providing them with surgical care. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals to not act negligently when providing a patient with care in connection to a surgical procedure.

Recently, a case involving allegations of surgical negligence has arisen in Florida. The case involves a woman who reportedly underwent a surgical procedure at a hospital in Florida in 2010. The surgery was aimed at removing an ovarian cyst.

The woman claims that negligence occurred in connection to this surgery. According to the woman, during the surgery, the doctor who was performing the procedure accidently cut her small bowel and failed to notice this mistake. The woman further alleges that other staff members at the hospital failed to provide her with proper care after the surgery.

The woman claims that the alleged negligence caused her to suffer a significant infection and to have to undergo multiple amputations.

A lawsuit has been brought by the woman in a court in Florida in connection to these allegations. One wonders what will happen in this case and how it will ultimately be resolved.

No patient should have to be subjected to negligence like that alleged in this case. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals make sure to act properly when providing patients with care in connection to a surgery. One also hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they commit surgical negligence and such negligence results in a patient suffering harms.

Source: The Tampa Bay Times, “After outpatient surgery, flesh-eating bacteria leads to patient losing her hands and feet,” Stephen Nohlgren, June 22, 2012