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Jury reaches verdict in medication error case

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2012 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

It is very important for medical professionals and medical facilities to act properly when it comes to the administration of medications to patients. No patient should have to be subjected to medication-related negligence. Such negligence can cause a great deal of harm. Sadly, such negligence can sometimes even lead to a patient’s death.

Recently, a jury in Alabama reached its decision in a wrongful death case that involved allegations of medication-related negligence. The case involved a woman who underwent a surgical procedure at a hospital in Alabama in 2008. The surgery in question was a triple bypass heart surgery.

The woman’s family alleged that a medication error occurred during the woman’s post-surgical care. Specifically, the woman’s family claimed that a nurse at the hospital gave the woman too high of a dose of an anesthetic after the surgical procedure. According to the woman’s family, the woman died as a result of this alleged medication error.

The woman’s family brought a wrongful death lawsuit in a court in Alabama in connection to these allegations. A trial was held on this matter. Recently, the jury in this case reached its verdict. According to the article on WKRG’s website which reported this story, the jury ruled in favor of the woman’s family and awarded them a monetary judgment.

As this case illustrates, medication-related negligence can be very harmful. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals and medical facilities make sure to not act negligently in connection to the giving of medications to patients.

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