Patients can suffer serious harms when medical professionals provide them with negligent post-surgical care. Such harms can have significant impacts on a patient’s life. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals to act properly when providing a patient with care after a surgical procedure.

Recently, a medical malpractice case has arisen involving allegations of negligent post-surgical care. The case is from Texas. The case involves a man who reportedly underwent a reconstruction and fusion surgery in March 2010.

The man claims that a doctor who performed the surgery and provided him with post-surgical care acted negligently in connection to his post-surgical care. Specifically, the man alleges that the doctor negligently failed to diagnose an infection he had developed and failed to provide him with proper treatment for this infection.

According to the man, this alleged medical negligence led to him having to get a portion of his right leg amputated.

A medical malpractice lawsuit has been brought in a court in Texas by the man in connection to the above allegations. A medical practice and the above-mentioned doctor have been named as defendants in this lawsuit. According to the Ultimate Cy-Fair article which reported this story, in this lawsuit, the man is asking for damages.

As the allegations in this medical malpractice case underscore, great harm can be caused when medical professionals act negligently while providing patients with post-surgical care. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they commit negligence like that alleged in this case.

Source: Ultimate Cy-Fair, “Man suing Cy-Fair doctors after losing leg,” July 7, 2012