Patients can suffer serious harms when medical professionals commit diagnosis-related negligence. Such harms can have a variety of substantial negative impacts on a patient’s life. Thus, diagnosis-related negligence can be a very serious matter.

Recently, a case involving allegations of the above-mentioned type of negligence has arisen in Colorado. The case involves a man who received care from two doctors in Colorado.

The man alleges that the two doctors committed negligence while providing him with care. According to the man, this alleged negligence resulted in a delay in the detection of a condition he had. The condition in question was an arterial disease.

The man claims that the delay in the detection of this disease resulted in him having to undergo a lower leg amputation. According to the man, this amputation has caused him a variety of harms.

A medical malpractice lawsuit has been brought in a court in Colorado by the man and his wife in connection to these allegations. The two above-mentioned doctors have been named as defendants in this lawsuit. According to the Aspen Daily News article which reported this story, damages are being sought in this lawsuit.

As the allegations in this case underscore, delays in a correct diagnosis being reached can cause great harm to patients. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they commit negligence that causes a harmful delay in diagnosis. One also hopes that all medical professionals make sure to act properly when it comes to the examining, testing and diagnosing of patients.

Source: Aspen Daily News, “Couple: Doctors failed to catch artery disease,” Chad Abraham, Aug. 11, 2012