No individual should have to be subjected to prescription-related negligence by pharmacists or pharmacies. Such negligence can be very harmful. Thus, it is very important for pharmacists and pharmacies to act properly when it comes to the filling of prescriptions.

Recently, a case involving allegations of prescription-related negligence was settled. The case was from North Carolina.

The case involved a woman who reportedly went to a pharmacy in Salisbury, North Carolina to get a prescription filled. Reportedly, the prescription in question was for eye drops and had been written for the woman in connection to a diagnosis of pink eye she had received.

The woman alleged that negligence occurred in connection to the filling of the prescription at the pharmacy and that she was given ear drops rather than the eye drops the prescription was for. The woman claimed that this alleged negligence resulted in her suffering pain and injuries to her eyes.

The woman brought a lawsuit in a court in North Carolina against the pharmacy and a pharmacy manager at the pharmacy in connection to the above allegations. Reportedly, a settlement was recently reached in regards to this lawsuit. The article on the Salisbury Post’s website which reported this story did not have any details regarding the terms of this settlement.

As the allegations that were made in this recently settled case underscore, prescription-related negligence can result in individuals suffering harm. One hopes that pharmacists and pharmacies are held accountable when they commit harmful prescription-related negligence when filling prescriptions.

Source: The Salisbury Post, ” Woman given wrong medicine settles suit,” Shavonne Potts, Aug. 22, 2012