Medical tests can play a major role in the diagnosing of medical conditions and problems. However, tests can only help in such regards if medical professionals pay proper attention to their results (and any significant implications that the results may contain) and take proper actions in response to results that indicate medical problems or conditions. If medical professionals fail to do these things, it can result in patients suffering great harm. No patient should have to be subjected to such negligence.

Recently, a Florida jury reached its decision in a case that involved allegations of the above-mentioned type of negligence. The case involved a boy who is currently six.

When the boy was an infant, he reportedly received care from two doctors in relation to fevers he had developed. During this care, a spinal tap was conducted on the boy. The boy’s mother alleged that the results of the spinal tap contained indications that the boy was suffering from meningitis. According to the boy’s mother, the doctors did not pay proper attention to these results and failed to correctly diagnose and treat the boy in a timely manner.

According to the boy’s mother, this alleged negligence resulted in the boy suffering serious brain injuries. These injuries reportedly have had significant impacts on the boy’s mental capacity.

The boy’s mother brought a lawsuit in a court in Florida against the two doctors in relation to the above allegations. A trial was held on this matter. Earlier this week, the jury in this case reached its decision. The jury ruled against the two doctors and awarded the boy’s mother a monetary judgment. A representative of one of the two doctors has said that an appeal is planned.

Source: The Palm Beach Post, “Doctor plans appeal of verdict that awarded mother of brain-damaged Boynton Beach boy $28.45 million,” Jane Musgrave, Aug. 1, 2012