It is very important for pharmacists and pharmacies to not act negligently when filling prescriptions. Such negligence can lead to prescription errors occurring (such as a prescription being filled in an incorrect dose). Prescription errors can cause a great deal of harm to individuals.

Recently, a case involving an alleged prescription error has arisen in Louisiana. The case involves a woman who reportedly went to a pharmacy in New Orleans to get a prescription for a dependant of hers filled. The prescription in question was for the medication phenobarbital. The woman has alleged that the pharmacy acted negligently in connection to the filling of this prescription and filled the prescription in the wrong dosage. According to the woman, the dosage of the medication the pharmacy gave her was four times the dosage that had been prescribed.

According to the woman, her dependant took the wrong-dosed medication several times before the error was discovered.

The woman claims that her dependant suffered harm as a result of the alleged prescription error.

A lawsuit has been brought in a court in Louisiana by the woman against the pharmacy in connection to the above allegations. It has been reported that this lawsuit is asking for damages.

No individual should have to suffer harm because a pharmacist or pharmacy failed to act properly in connection to the filling of his or her prescription. Thus, one hopes that all pharmacists and pharmacies make sure to avoid committing negligence like that alleged in the case discussed above.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Walgreens sued for allegedly dispensing wrong dosage,” Kyle Barnett, Sept. 12, 2012