It is very important for medical professionals and medical facilities to not commit diagnosis-related negligence when providing care to patients. Such negligence can cause a great deal of harm to patients. Such negligence can sometimes even result in a patient’s death.

Recently, a wrongful death case has arisen regarding an alleged failure to diagnose. The case is from Louisiana. The case regards a now-deceased woman who reportedly received care from a hospital and two medical professionals.

The woman’s family alleges that negligence occurred in connection to the above-mentioned care and that this negligence resulted in a failure to properly diagnose cancer the woman had. The cancer in question was leukemia. According to the woman’s family, the leukemia ultimately caused the woman to die.

The woman’s family has brought a wrongful death lawsuit in a court in Louisiana in connection to the above allegations. In this lawsuit, the above-mentioned hospital and the above-mentioned two medical professionals have been named as defendants. Reportedly, the woman’s family is asking for damages in this lawsuit. It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens in this case.

Diagnosis-related negligence like that alleged in this wrongful death case can be extremely harmful to patients and their families. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals and medical facilities are held accountable when they engage in negligence like that alleged in this case. No patient should have to suffer injuries or lose his or her life because a medical professional or medical facility failed to act properly when providing them with care.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Woman’s family sues Ochsner Clinic over med mal claims,” Kyle Barnett, Sept. 11, 2012

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