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October 2012 Archives

Verdict reached in anesthesia negligence case

It is very important for medical professionals to not act negligently when it comes to the giving of anesthetics to patients. No patient should have to be subjected to anesthesia-related negligence. Such medical negligence can be very impactful on patients.

Lawsuit claims medical negligence led to girl suffering life-altering harm

Diagnosis-related negligence can be a very serious matter. When medical professionals act negligently when it comes to the testing, examining or diagnosing of patients, it can result in delays in the detection and treatment of conditions patients suffer from. Such delays can be extremely impactful on patients. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals to not commit diagnosis-related negligence when providing care to patients.

Study: Potentially fatal post-surgical errors are common

On our Massachusetts medical malpractice blog, we have detailed several instances of surgical errors that resulted in lasting harm to the patient involved or which, in some tragic situations, caused the patient's death. But these potentially-fatal mistakes do not always take place during the actual surgical procedure itself. Often, surgical errors occur during the patient's post-surgical care, when they are recovering from the procedure and are at their most vulnerable. And according to a recent study, these mistakes happen more than most of us would like to believe.

Pharmacy accused of prescription-related negligence

When a person goes to a pharmacy to get a prescription filled, they expect that the pharmacy will act properly when filling the prescription. When pharmacies fail to live up to this expectation and commit negligent errors when filling prescriptions, it can result in individuals suffering significant harm. No individual should have to suffer injuries because a pharmacy failed to act properly.

Medical errors more likely for children with chronic conditions

Medical errors pose serious dangers for patients and their families. Medical errors happen to all types of patients but new research shows that children with chronic illnesses are more likely to be victims of medical errors while being hospitalized.

Massachusetts: Are traumatic brain injuries rising in your state?

It's clear that concussions have been on the brain lately, as we are hearing more and more about the confusion and complications surrounding the injury. There has been a marked increase in the awareness efforts surrounding traumatic brain injuries, and some officials and parents are going to great lengths to prevent them from happening to Massachusetts youth.

Lawsuit claims diagnosis-related negligence led to man's death

Diagnosis-related negligence can be very harmful to patients. Such negligence can sometimes even result in a patient's death. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals to not act negligently when it comes to the examining, testing and diagnosing of patients.

Wrongful death lawsuit brought against doctor, medical center

It is very important for medical professionals and medical facilities to not act negligently in regards to the testing, examining and diagnosing of patients. Such medical negligence can cause a great deal of harm.

Lawsuit alleges delivery-related negligence caused infant's death

Delivery-related negligence can be very harmful. Such medical negligence can cause infants to suffer serious birth injuries. Sadly, such negligence can sometimes even result in an infant's death.

Woman claims she received negligent care after surgery

When one thinks of negligence related to a surgery, one's mind might immediately go to negligence regarding the performance of a surgery. However, this is not the only type of surgery-related negligence than can occur. For example, negligence can also occur in connection to the post-surgical care of a patient.