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Massachusetts: Are traumatic brain injuries rising in your state?

| Oct 20, 2012 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

It’s clear that concussions have been on the brain lately, as we are hearing more and more about the confusion and complications surrounding the injury. There has been a marked increase in the awareness efforts surrounding traumatic brain injuries, and some officials and parents are going to great lengths to prevent them from happening to Massachusetts youth.

One recent report shows that a nearby state has found the amount of reported brain injuries to have doubled within the last decade. The report details that the amount of hospitalized brain trauma patients was 6,514 in 2001 and then rose to 12,306 by 2009. The reason for the increase? It could be that more people are heeding doctor’s orders and taking brain traumas seriously and seeking out medical attention, or it could be that there are just more brain injuries being diagnosed as such these days.

The side-effects of concussions and brain injuries range from impacting an injured person very little to being life-changing or even life-threatening. It is because of this that some are saying the definition of the terms surrounding brain injuries ought to be opened up into different levels to account for the different kinds of prognosis. A TBI is something some people never return to their original health from and there are teams of doctors working on researching these complex injuries because they continue to confuse and worry those affected.

Massachusetts residents who have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury would do well to look into the laws in their area surrounding worker’s compensation and personal injury, or medical malpractice, should they believe their injury was the result of negligence on someone else’s part. The aforementioned report totals traumatic brain injury-related deaths at one per every 26 hospitalizations across the United States. Regardless of the cause, these high numbers are not something to scoff at: it is clear that traumatic brain injuries are affecting a significant amount of the population and deserve proper medical care and recovery.

Source:, “Brain trauma cases rise in NH,” The Telegraph, Oct. 16, 2012

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