When a person goes to a pharmacy to get a prescription filled, they expect that the pharmacy will act properly when filling the prescription. When pharmacies fail to live up to this expectation and commit negligent errors when filling prescriptions, it can result in individuals suffering significant harm. No individual should have to suffer injuries because a pharmacy failed to act properly.

Recently, a case has arisen in which a pharmacy has been accused of having acted negligently when filling a prescription. The pharmacy in question is in Baker, Louisiana.

Reportedly, in December 2011, a woman went to the pharmacy to get a medication she had been prescribed. The woman alleges that the pharmacy did not give her the medication she had been prescribed, but rather, mistakenly gave her a medication that was intended for another individual.

The woman claims that she took this incorrect medication for 10 days. According to the woman, she suffered injuries to her intestines and stomach as a result of taking the incorrect medication.

A lawsuit has been brought in a court in Louisiana by the woman against the pharmacy in connection to these allegations. The woman reportedly is asking for damages in this lawsuit. It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens in this case.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, prescription-related negligence can cause great harm to individuals. Thus, one hopes that all pharmacies make sure to not act negligently when it comes to the filling of prescriptions. One also hopes that pharmacies are held accountable when they commit harmful prescription-related negligence.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “CVS pharmacy accused of giving customer wrong prescription,” Catherine Melancon, Oct. 24, 2012