Diagnosis-related negligence can be a very serious matter. Such medical negligence can cause a great deal of harm to patients. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals to act properly in regards to the examining, testing and diagnosing of patients.

Recently, a jury reached its verdict in a medical malpractice case from New Hampshire that involved allegations of diagnosis-related negligence. The case involved a woman who had a CT scan performed on her in August 2007.

The woman and her husband alleged that the radiologist who read the scan didn’t read it properly and that this alleged negligence by the radiologist resulted in there being a delay in the detection and treatment of a stroke the woman suffered.

According to the woman and her husband, this delay caused the woman to suffer serious harms. Reportedly, these harms have had significant impacts on the woman’s life.

A medical malpractice lawsuit was brought in a court in New Hampshire by the woman and her husband against the radiologist in connection to these allegations. A trial was held in regards to this matter. The trial lasted for two weeks. A couple weeks ago, the jury reached its decision in this case. The jury ruled in favor of the woman and her husband and awarded them a large monetary judgment.

No patient should have to suffer harms because a medical professional committed diagnosis-related negligence. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals make sure to avoid engaging in negligence like that which was alleged in this recently decided case. One also hopes medical professionals are held accountable when they commit harmful diagnosis-related negligence.

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