No patient should have to worry that they will be subjected to negligence during a medical procedure. Patients can suffer great harm when medical professionals or medical facilities commit such negligence.

Recently, a case that involved medical procedures and allegations of negligence was settled. The case was from Texas. The case involved a woman who underwent two procedures in November 2008. The two procedures in question were a kidney biopsy and a paracentesis.

The woman alleged that negligence occurred during both of these procedures. According to the woman, the doctor who performed the kidney biopsy committed negligence which resulted in her suffering a hematoma and a bile leak and the doctor who performed the paracentesis committed negligence which resulted in one of her arteries getting punctured.

The woman claimed that the alleged negligence of the two above-mentioned doctors led to her suffering a significant disability.

A lawsuit was brought by the woman in a court in Texas against the two doctors in connection to these allegations. Also named as defendants in this lawsuit were a hospital and a radiology group.

Recently, a settlement was reached in regards to this lawsuit. The settlement was reached right before the case was to go to trial. The Southeast Texas Record article which reported this story did not have any details regarding the specific terms of this settlement.

As the allegations that were made in this recently settled medical malpractice case illustrate, it can be extremely harmful to patients when medical professionals or medical facilities act negligently in connection to a medical procedure. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals and medical facilities make sure to act properly when it comes to medical procedures.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Case over botched kidney biopsy settles,” David Yates, Oct. 29, 2012