While it is essential that there is a system in place for people to file suit against inattentive or negligent doctors who have harmed them due to medical malpractice, the current system has some major issues. According to a study done by the RAND Corporation, the average physician will spend four years of a 40-year career fighting claims of malpractice. The problem is not only do some of these claims have no merit but that many of them take an enormous amount of time to be settled.

This causes problems for both doctors and patients. Doctors will have less time to spend with their patients, and they will also often begin to practice defensive medicine. This drives up the costs of health care, and it can lead to patients having to undergo unnecessary tests and procedures to ensure there is no missed diagnosis. Further, patients who file claims may have to wait years to have their cases completed.

One of the solutions that has been suggested is to develop health care courts that will help expedite the process involved with medical malpractice claims. These courts would be able to quickly vet claims and move legitimate ones forward for quick resolution.

With medical malpractice suits being drawn out and complicated, it is important that people understand their rights and what is involved in filing suit. It may be beneficial for Massachusetts natives who have suffered due to a doctor’s lack of judgement to speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer could assist victims of malpractice and may help them receive compensation.

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