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Auto-immune response after brain injury may explain degeneration

| Mar 20, 2013 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

Massachusetts residents who have suffered a brain injury may be interested in recent studies that shine a new light on the subject. According to recent research by the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Rochester Medical Center, degeneration of the brain may be caused by a significant auto-immune response that occurs after repeated brain trauma. This is an effect that may be similar to what occurs in multiple sclerosis patients. Such repeated head trauma is common in soldiers as well as football players.

According to the article, the identification of this over-active immune response is important because it may lead to the advancement of improved treatment options for head injury trauma patients. This research was based on a study conducted by URMC that involved almost 70 college football players. The study showed that a protein biomarker that was associated with those who had experienced traumatic brain injury was present in the blood samples of all of those football players who participated in the research project after the game. This suggests that varying degrees of impact may affect the brain. 

While this new research may pave the way for advancements in the treatment of head trauma patients, some people today may be coping with the financial expenses associated with their immediate care and long-term care after a serious head injury. Some individuals with severe injuries may be unable to work or earn a living, and they may also require regular health care services.

Individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury may be able to pursue compensation after an accident if another party was liable. This type of trauma may be caused by a car accident, a workplace accident and other events in which a negligent party is often involved. Victims of such an incident may contact a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer to explore their rights.

Source: Medical Express, “Brain injury may be autoimmune phenomenon, like multiple sclerosis, research finds,” March 6, 2013


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