Massachusetts Patriots fans may have heard about the recent investigation into the San Diego Chargers’ medical staff. A panel of independent doctors has found that the Chargers’ medical staff handled a concussion case appropriately. A former Pro Bowl player who suffered a brain injury when he endured a helmet-to-helmet hit during a 2011 game continued to play even though he was having trouble keeping his balance. He was later diagnosed with a concussion and suffered a grand mal seizure during a flight back to San Diego. His football career ended that day as he never played again.

The NFL and the NFL players union requested an examination into the medical care provided to the player, particularly by the team doctor who already has had several malpractice complaints off the field. The union wanted the doctor removed from his position as team physician.

However, the independent panel found nothing wrong with the doctor’s treatment of the player. The team’s athletic trainer attempted to examine the player but was told he was okay, according to the investigation. The trainer insisted that the doctor examine him after the game. The panel found that from the moment the concussion was diagnosed the proper care was given to the player.

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Source: USA Today, “Panel clears Chargers medical staff on concussion case,” Brent Schrotenboer, March 11, 2013