A jury awarded $250,000 in damages to a man who claimed he did not receive appropriate treatment after gall bladder surgery. The case against Hershey Medical Center involved surgical errors that the plaintiff claimed led to a severe hernia, necessitating further operations and permanent disability.

While most hospitals in Boston and throughout the United States have safety procedures in place to prevent patient harm, individuals do not necessarily follow those procedures. In this case, the plaintiff claimed that the lack of proper post-operative supervision caused his injuries. The defendants contended that all proper medical decisions were made. The hospital allegedly rejected a pretrial offer to settle the case for $100,000. There is no word on whether the hospital plans to appeal the decision.

Medical malpractice can lead to devastating consequences for those who are injured by errors in giving medication or withholding of proper treatment. In some cases, patients die from medical malpractice, particularly in cases involving surgery. Not only the surgical procedure itself but the post-operative care must meet strict safety standards in order to avoid causing harm to patients.

People in Massachusetts who have been hurt by what they believe were instances of medical malpractice have options when it comes to collecting damages. In some cases, victims are able to collect cash settlements such as this one in payment for their pain, suffering and mental anguish as well as the cost of further medical treatment. Medical malpractice attorneys may be able to help people who have suffered from the results of medical errors to collect these damages through the filing of medical malpractice lawsuits. Medical malpractice attorneys may explain plaintiffs’ rights and options and recommend courses of action.

Source: The Patriot-News, “Dauphin County jury awards $250K damages in medical malpractice case,” Matt Miller, March 11, 2013