Birth defects can affect every aspect of a child’s life and those of family members. Defects resulting from a birth injury can result in pain and suffering, the need for long-term care and extraordinary medical expenses. In Massachusetts, a mother filed a malpractice suit for negligence that led to a $5 million settlement for her son.

The problem began when the mother noticed a decrease in fetal activity, which is a warning sign to consult with a health care provider. The mother was seen by a nurse and a student. During the examination, the nurse left the student alone to conduct tests. These tests uncovered warning signs that would alarm a medical professional and be grounds for further testing and immediate medical intervention. Instead, the woman was sent home and called back to the office the next day.

After another test, the nurse sent the pregnant woman to St. Vincent’s Hospital. There, an obstetrician failed to make an appropriate transfer to a hospital equipped for such circumstances. The transfer finally came four hours later, and the baby was born with brain damage due to lack of oxygen in utero. Now an 11-year-old, the child suffers from permanent cognitive impairment, blindness, impaired hearing and seizures.

A negligent doctor or nurse can cause serious injury or fatality to their patients. A malpractice lawsuit may be a means of receiving compensation for the injured person and their loved ones. Victims seeking compensation for injuries may benefit from the assistance of an attorney with experience in malpractice litigation.

Source: Injury Lawyer News, “Massachusetts Birth Injury Trial Ends in $5 Million Settlement,” Tracy Ray, Feb. 13, 2013