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Recovery slow for brain injury survivor

| Apr 18, 2013 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment (HBOT) and several other “non-invasive procedures” may offer hope for traumatic brain injury patients in Massachusetts and across the nation. Unfortunately, as one survivor has found, these treatments are expensive and often not covered by medical insurance policies. Brain injuries come in several forms, and this 22-year-old survivor has been diagnosed with diffuse axonal brain injury. The condition may impair the ability to walk and speak, remember details and perform other basic activities that are often taken for granted by healthy individuals.

This survivor is about to embark on a second series of HBOT treatments in Massachusetts. HBOT in this case will be delivered five days a week for a total of 80 times. Specially formulated vitamins are also being used to assist in the repair of brain tissue. These treatments, along with neurofeedback and other procedures, have allowed the 22-year-old to walk again and make other improvements. 

The survivor’s father has sought for help in paying for treatments from a variety of sources. Local residents and businesses have so far helped to cover the costs.

Whatever the cause, victims of traumatic brain injury may face a lifetime of serious consequences. Any type of brain trauma may lead to medical expenses, permanent disability and the need for rehabilitation therapy or long-term care. Individuals and their families may also have to face the reality of amnesia and other life-changing symptoms. If the negligence of another party is a suspected cause, it may be possible to cover financial needs by receiving accident compensation. An attorney may be able to help with identification of negligence and pursuit of compensation.

Source: Hampton-North Hampton Patch, “Progress Continues as Brain Injury Survivor Readies for New Treatments,” Kyle Stucker, April 3, 2013 


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