When a loved one is admitted to the hospital for surgery or illness, you never expect that they will receive the wrong treatment, or contract a more serious illness. A doctor from the Massachusetts area admitted that he performed the wrong type of surgery on his patient. After surgery, going over the woman’s release form, he realized this and performed the correct surgery the same day. A more serious surgical error occurred when brain surgery was preformed on the wrong side of a patient’s brain.

Another woman went into the hospital for treatment, contracted numerous infections including a presumably treatable spinal infection, and died. Nursing errors contributed to her death. Hospital staff errors happen more than people are aware of and can be attributed to shift changes in the middle of surgery, overworked doctors, anesthesia errors, communication breakdowns between hospital staff, medication errors, and numerous other causes. It may be very beneficial to work with a malpractice lawyer who is also a doctor.

The errors also take their toll on doctors and nurses as well, especially when the error causes the death of a patient. After such negligence, medical professionals tend to lose confidence in their abilities, which may lead to additional mistakes and lack of judgment.

Hospital errors due to the mistakes of doctors and nurses can have life altering physical or emotional consequences for patients and their families. Working with a medical malpractice lawyer may help you determine what your rights are and what course of action to take.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Medical errors leave devastating impact on families, professionals“, Blythe Bernhard, May 05, 2013