Massachusetts residents undergo nose surgeries to enhance or change their appearance, but not many can say they’ve undergone 24 nose surgeries. An Oklahoma City man didn’t need a nose job but wanted to do something for himself. He said it was supposed to be a minor tweak to his slightly asymmetric nostrils. However, seven years and over 20 surgeries later, he has had to address complications like cartilage problems and misplaced skin. The 35-year-old man’s nostrils are completely gone. Instead, they’ve been replaced by a straw that holds open a collapsing tunnel.

The man filed a lawsuit in a Tulsa County District Court against his surgeon on May 31. He accused the surgeon of surgeon malpractice for causing him to be deformed. The lawsuit asks for undisclosed damages in excess of about $75,000. According to the plaintiff, he wasn’t always disappointed with the work the cosmetic surgeon preformed. After the original surgery, he developed breathing problems which caused him to return for another surgery.

At that time, his nose wasn’t deformed. The surgeon performed all seven surgeries, after the original surgery, for free. The man’s breathing problem persisted. At one point, he had to wear tubes that stretched his nostrils for four years. He elected to try more surgery to correct the problem. Other cosmetic surgeons quoted him high prices, so he stuck with the original surgeon. The surgeon performed 14 more surgeries that included using cartilage from his ribs and ears.

People in the same or similar situations as this Oklahoma City resident typically seek the help of a medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer may investigate the client’s claim to figure out if the surgeon or doctor was negligent. He or she may also negotiate a settlement on the client’s behalf.

Source: abc News, “Nose Job Nightmare: Man Sues After 24 Surgeries“, Katie Moisse, June 13, 2013