Massachusetts residents who undergo emergency gallbladder surgeries face greater risks than those who have planned surgeries. Researchers discovered that older males were more likely to have problems as a result of a surgery. Additionally, undergoing a gallbladder surgery after 7 p.m. increased a patient’s risk of complications from the procedure, likely due to the fact that 90 percent of gallbladder surgeries performed after this time were emergency procedures.

Researchers looked at data from more than 600 gallbladder surgeries that were performed over the course of an eight month period. The study compiled this data from a single hospital in a large city. It was discovered that 22 patients suffered 35 complications as a result of these procedures. Of those 22, 18 required emergency surgery. This leads to the hypothesis that those who undergo emergency surgeries are more likely to have problems as a result of a gallbladder surgery than those who have planned procedures.

The results of the study have caused medical professionals to believe that further research into the subject is required. Professionals also believe that identifying gallbladder problems early on my reduce the number of emergency surgeries and lower patients’ risks. When someone has had gallbladder problems for an extended period of time, they may have scarring in the organ that increases the chance of complications.

The study was not large enough to pin down the reasons that these factors increased the risk of complications, but surgical errors cannot be ruled out as a cause. Medical professionals should ensure that they are proactive about identifying medical problems to reduce risks to patients. If an individual has been harmed due to a doctor’s negligence, they may have legal recourse. A lawyer may be able help someone pursue compensation for damages related to further medical bills and pain and suffering.

Source: Health News, “Complications More Likely With Emergency Gallbladder Surgery: Study“, July 03, 2013