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Proper communication can avoid anesthesia errors

| Jul 2, 2013 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

Massachusetts residents who go to the hospital for surgery or any other type of medical treatment may often feel nervous and stressed. Patients have the desire to feel confident in their doctors and the hospital, and they may assume that the staff will not make any errors. That is not always the case, however, and physicians and hospital staff sometimes make errors that cause serious injuries or even death.

One of the most severe mistakes doctors and hospitals can commit is an anesthesia error. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the repercussions of an anesthesiologist’s negligence. Anesthesia involves potent medications that, if given incorrectly, may cause permanent paralysis or fatal injuries. Communicating with patients and their families is extremely important to insure that anesthesia is administered correctly.

Those who have been to hospitals may have experienced instances of miscommunication. It is common for doctors and nursing staff to make errors, particularly as far as the administration of anesthesia is concerned. Unfortunately, the act of putting a patient under requires detailed knowledge of the person’s physical and psychological history. Medical staff may be tired and overworked; therefore, they may neglect to ask questions that are crucial to the administration of medications to patients. Anesthesia administration must be extremely detailed, and any small error can cause complications.

Sometimes, there are legitimate reasons as to why the administration of anesthesia might fail. People who believe that they may be suffering from the consequences of anesthesiologist negligence or prescription medication errors might be able to recover damages buy filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. An experienced attorney might be able to help by accessing shift logs or safety records to uncover a history of errors stemming from miscommunication or too many shift changes.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “A prescription for fewer medical errors“, Marie McCarren, June 25, 2013


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